After finishing up the “Become Passionately Profitable” masterclass last week (catch REPLAY here) I decided to share one key thing many of the BOSS girlFRIENDS took from the class – tricks to learning how to monetize your passion. In 2016 I really want all my sisters of to learn how to do this, especially if you know what you’re passionate about. It’s one thing to be passionate about something and another to make money from it. Let me share 5 Ways to Make Money From Your Passion Online

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1. Start a Blog
This is if not one the important ways, it’s in the top percentile. It’s basically 2016. Everyone is online and people love reading blogs that are tailored to a specific topic. The keyword is specific. When creating a blog be sure to be clear on what you want your audience to take from your blog. Don’t start a blog talking about random things unless you want your audience to be confused. If you hate writing, make a video blog. Create a youtube, create videos and publish them on your site.

Your main goal would be to gain your audience. Once you gain your audience, the money will come. Trust me. Once you have a solid foundation of readers, you can begin monetizing it. You can consider affliate marketing, selling products, services and/or selling membership. Before any of this, you must understand it will take time. You will need to publish VALUABLE content for an extended period of time before you will begin to reap the benefits.

2. Start a podcast, periscope and/or weekly newsletter show
This is something that will really grow your audience FAST. If you’re not shy I think this is the one of the best strategies. Again, you’ll need to have a specific topic and be consistent with sharing VALUABLE content. You can create a free account HERE on Podomatic and begin creating shows easy. You will easily become an expert in your field if you’re consistent to tackling every angle of your specific topic. If you want something  more visual I’d suggest periscope. Periscope is really easy as well. You can make a video and share the replay on your site. It’s really easy.

Monetizing these would be again once you gain a solid audience. You could charge advertisers by mentioning their product or service or you could share their info on your email list. You could also promote something you are selling or your own service.

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3. Create an eBook, online course or class

What I love about this strategy is you can create a stream of passive income. That means making money while you’re sleep. You can create something online and promote it to sell to millions. If you’re interested in really making money off your passion, this is definitely something you want to think about. Information marketing is the new way of growing your online business. You can create a course online with udemy and sell it.

4. Become a Freelancer 

This is one of the FIRST ways I began making money from my passion. If you have a skill or service to offer, it’s good to package it and sell it. The great thing about this is you don’t have to work for anyone to get this done. You basically just need to have really good presentation and visuals. You create your salary. Of course, you’ll need to be experienced and have some time of recommendations or reviews about your services. It’s important to know your worth. There are really great sites like Freelancer and Guru that will allow you create profiles to get you started.

5. Start coaching and/or consulting 

Becoming a coach and/or consulting takes a bit of love for helping others. One thing I love about this strategy is you get a chance to sharpen your knowledge of your craft by helping others jumpstart theirs. You feel a sense of accomplishment when helping others by sharing your wisdom and expertise with them. The good thing about this is you can do this anywhere you are with Skype, FaceTime and any other video calling system. You can also communicate with your clients via email. You can also offer a complimentary consultation to see if you’d be a good fit for your potential client. Always share the value of the free consultation.


These are some of the best ways to make money from your passion. I’d suggest you take one method and build from it. If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below!


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