Live the life you dream of while being a lady!

“I’ve always dreamt of living a fabulously successful life.” 

Don’t we all want to be successful? I mean, that’s what living is all about – being fabulous and successful. I created TheLadyLifestyle.com to inspire just that. What I quickly realized is, the type of life I desired to live requires a bit of freedom. I’m just like any typical woman. I want a family, success, health and wealth.
ladysonya-burgundyI’m the average girl next door – originally from Columbus, Georgia, attended Troy University for Music Management (trained pianist) for a little over a year until I realized I wanted more. Moved to Atlanta, Georgia and transferred to Georgia State University in 2007 and to be frank, life happened. I literally went through 7 part-time jobs in one year while being a full-time student. Yeah, ONE year. March 2008, I quit my part-time job at Ross Department Store and started a business teaching piano – LadySonya Music Studio. Mind you, no one in my family is an entrepreneur or business owner. I started from ground ZERO. Fast forward to 2011, I quickly grew a love for enlightening women with tips on being a lady through my own life experience. Today, I share my experience with discovering a chic style, living fabulously as a lady, and how I  created the life I dreamt of through my passion.
Honestly, I believe it’s possible to live the life you dream of with working less and getting paid more. Sounds crazy to some, but I believe it. Ladies, it’s about working smarter. The KEY is finding something you’re deeply passionate about and creating exciting profitable ways to make a living from it. [Tweet “Confidence is key which is why I believe every woman should focus on looking and feeling fabulous from the inside out.”] Last but not least, as a bonus I believe women should do these things with lady-like qualities, hence #TheLadyLifestyle. Ladies, It’s the icing on the cake!
I was definitely that girl who hated her job. I hated the thought of having a 9-5 and felt it was strange that society was trying to force me into that lifestyle. I graduated from Georgia State University and didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do because I definitely wasn’t ready for a lifestyle of no freedom. Cubicle life sounded scary to me. It may work for some, but I didn’t buy that. Although I had a service-based business teaching piano, which I loved, somehow I still felt there was more. My mom felt I should be doing better since I graduated and didn’t feel I was living my HIGHEST potential. It hurt to hear that, but after some tears, I kind of understood what she meant and began thinking of ways to grow. It was uncomfortable. I didn’t want to be held in a box as just a natural hair girl who taught piano. I felt there was so much more I had to offer the world. I created a Youtube channel and posted a video of my natural hair journey  – the channel went VIRAL reached over 100,000 views and I began growing my following to share #TheLadyLifestyle with women all around the world. Today, I’m a single woman, living in the beautiful city of Atlanta who decided to expand her horizons, making a living out of blogging.
Women it’s okay to wear many hats. I’m so much more than just a pianist. Sure, I make great money playing the piano at weddings and parties on the side but music isn’t the only thing I’m good at. On TheLadyLifestyle.com I share my experience through style, profiting from my passion and living the life with adopting lady-like qualities. I’ve posted blogs on Time Management Strategies Every Lady Should Use To Get More Done, ways to live life with elegance and you’ll also see me share my style on being casual and cute for a day out or the perfect outfit for a hot date. I honestly never felt I was the best with style but with some fine tuning, I realized it’s about stepping outside the box with cute pieces and being okay standing out.
Being a single woman, I’ve learned that you can still structure yourself as you would with a family. I never was consistent with cooking until the year of 2014, I figure out how to make cooking a habit as a SINGLE woman. Let me share this, I definitely don’t consider myself an expert or a “know it all” with acting like a lady, so all my posts are for me as well as for you. I transparently share things that I’m learning, have learned and am STILL learning as of today which is why I consider all the members of TheLadyLifestyle.com my sisters.
So, that’s pretty much who I am and what I do. If you’re interested in gathering tips on being a lady, learning how to make a living from your passion through blogging, or just want to gain inspiration through style, then you’re definitely in the right place. We’re all in this together. It’s about growing and becoming the best YOU you can be.
You can definitely see more of me on social media. I share a lot on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I’m fairly new to Periscope and Pinterest but I’m there. Don’t be shy, please say hi.
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