It’s Monday, we all have them…. Moody Mondays. I had it today – for good reasons. Yesterday I hosted my company’s 7th Annual Holiday Recital. Today, I’m a couch potato. LOL. Honestly it’s still an excuse. I decided to share a reality check with you. 2016 is literally around the corner…
REALITY CHECK: If you woke up this Monday upset OR furious about the new week – then you’re most likely NOT living your highest potential or through purpose.
5 Signs you’re NOT living your highest potential
1.  You are NOT enthused on Mondays regardless of what happens during the weekend! If you wake up DREADING the thought of starting your day, it’s a clear indicator – there’s MORE to life for you! When you’re walking in purpose you get excited to begin the day because living life has become better than dreaming about your future. 
2. Sometimes you feel BIPOLAR. Extreme highs and lows about life. You are excited for a couple days and then you switch to feeling crappy about your career – you’re a product of not living your greatest potential. When you’re living your purpose, you go through phases of really high points and others are still high with excitement. You might even feel weird because you’re literally always happy. Your life is better than your dreams and you’re excited each day. 

3. You’re surrounded by NEGATIVE people. 
Most of the people around you are energy suckers, they’re always complaining, upset about something, always feeling low, dream suckers and just not the happiest people to be around. It’s true – you’re the product of your environment. If you find yourself swamped around low energy people, it’s evident you’re not living out your fullest potential. Those who are living their purpose are sensitive to their surroundings and usually tend to navigate to others who are living their highest potential. Success is contagious. 

4. You’re literally IGNORING your dreams because you’re scared to move on them!
Yes, if you find yourself thinking weekly about what you’d rather be “doing and pursuing” but haven’t moved on them, it is fact you aren’t living your greatest potential. When you live your greatest potential, you do what you LOVE whether anyone (family, friends, co-workers etc) agrees
5. You’re working a JOB that literally gets under your skin.  This is a no brainer. You’re going paycheck to paycheck and always waiting on vacation time to escape. One thing about purpose and living it is…. you get energized. it doesn’t drain you. When you’re working a job you hate, it literally sucks all the happiness out of you. Doing what you love creates the opposite effect.
We’ve all been there. My goal with and #BOSSgirlFRIENDS is help women like YOU begin not just dreaming but LIVING the life you dream of. It’s totally possible. Let’s make 2016 your year of discovery! If you don’t know, #BOSSgirlFRIENDS is a sisterhood helping women through business! Learn more HERE

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