“When it is MY turn to start school or graduate?”
“When is it MY turn to LOVE someone?”
“When is it MY turn to reach success in my life?”
“When will I GET to start a family?”
“When will I become happy?”
“When is it MY turn to get this or that….”
When is it my turn? As we quickly approach 2016, I thought it would be an ideal post to share a little light on how to get outside of the moody feeling and thinking, “When will it be MY turn”. 
As a woman, we can deal with mood swings by the minute. One minute we can be full of joy and the next something can trigger us to feel like “woe it’s me”. We’ve all been there, I sure have. It wasn’t till this year I began to seriously study how to deal with and embrace my emotions as a woman. Mind you, I’m being very transparent with this post. All these years, I’ve never quite studied the way my mood changes till just recently. It was strange. I noticed my hormones have changed over the years and through research I found out it really does. Don’t feel like you’re alone.
I’ve learned a couple things to do when you’re feeling like “When is it MY turn”:
When you begin growing anxious it’s a sign that you’re not thankful for where you are and what you ALREADY have. Take some time to think about what you’ve accomplished already, what your current gifts and talents have and who you’re grateful for currently in your life. Don’t downplay your blessings. We all do it but that just means you need some time to reflect. It might even help to get a sheet of paper and write down all the good you’ve been experiencing recently.
Chances are when you feel like life isn’t giving you what you desire, it just means you aren’t like living life to its fullest potential yourself. Try something new. Take a class. Read a new book. Join an organization. Volunteer in the community. Learn a new language. A couple months ago I began learning French. I took Spanish in middle school, high school and also 3 semesters in college but felt it would be cool to try French. As we get older, we sometimes get lazy with learning and recreating our life. I purposely created this site to help women create the life we dream of, that could also mean REcreating.
Have you ever heard the saying, birds of a feather flock together? Well, it’s time to think about who’s in your life. Figure out what purpose they are serving at that moment. If you’re surrounded by negativity it’s hard to be happy and enjoy life. If you’re confused, it’s time to reevaluate their purpose in your life. That could be friends, relationships, current classes and/or goals. Don’t do things JUST to be doing them. Everything should be done with purpose in mind. You should have a long-term goal.


All in all, you should definitely get out of that ‘woe it’s me’ attitude. Of course, we’re women and sometimes it hard but with these steps I’m sure you’ll figure out the root cause. I hope this helps. So, do you ever feel that? What are some things you do to get out of it? Share below. 



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