I just celebrated my 2 year blogiversary last month and in the mist of celebrating I was excited to see my viewers grew not just 100% but 300% percent in just 90 days. Trust me, I understand how annoying it can be to spend hours and hours producing content to have only a handful of people read your blog. Honestly, I was in a bit of show to see how I am managing to grow my numbers given I haven’t paid for advertisements or promoted any differently from before. I want to share what I did to make my blog grow in this short amount of time. 
  1. I altered my content.
Many times we’re producing content that our readers simply DON’T want to read. I said it. Truth hurts. That was me. I was producing content as just a news blog of what was going on with my business but very seldom did I share any VALUABLE content for my readers. Sure, your audience may want to know about you but it’s important to also help them while sharing. Of course, you content needs to be clearly written, informative, interesting and also have your signature voice. My key thing in writing is to get the reader to understand my humor, my style and my transparency. Your posts should be something worth reposting and/or commenting on. 
CALL – TO – ACTION: Go through your current posts and ask yourself theses questions.
  1. What is my goal with sharing this post?
  2. What can the reader take from this post?
  3. How is this post aligned with my purpose of my blog?
If any of these answers makes no sense to you, don’t post that post. It’s just that simple. Post with purpose. 

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2. I mastered how to grow my email list. 
Having an email subscribers is like having GOLD. If you don’t have an email list be sure to watch my recap on “How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers in Less than 48hrs” HERE. Having somewhere to visibly subscribe to the blog is KEY to gaining returning visitors. People usually subscribe to blogs that have interesting and valuable content hence my #1 thing I mentioned before. I created as RSS to send updates to my subscribers when I post new updates. I live by Mailchimp for this. I found that when I send valuable content my subscribers are more likely to visit my site more often hence my traffic increasing! 
CALL – TO – ACTION: Create an account with Mailchimp if you haven’t already and do the following.
  1. Create a RSS feed to your blog. (Mailchimp is very helpful with this)
  2. Look at your top posts and add a freebie to offer if they subscribe to your email list. 
  3. Create a free mini-class to add to your site as a pop up. This e-class should be something that corresponds with your mission and goal of your blog. 


3. I increased my post frequency. 
Not only did I revise what my content was about, I also increase the amount of times I post weekly. I highly recommend to post at least 3 times a week to grow your blog traffic. If you typically post 4 times a month, try posting triple that. 
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One thing you want to pay close attention to is the value of your content. Don’t sacrifice your quality for quantity. Remember, each post should have purpose. Also, be consistent. You want your readers to know when to expect something new and never make promises you can’t keep. 
CALL – TO – ACTION: Create an editorial calendar. 
  1. Write out 5 – 10 topics you’d like to blog about.
  2. Schedule the days you’d like to post these posts.
  3. Execute. Write the posts and schedule them to post on dates a head of time. 
That’s exactly what I did and now I have more traffic coming to my site than ever before. If you implement these strategies I’m sure it would work the same for you. I’d say give it a month to begin seeing change and by the 4th month you should definitely see a huge jump from the first month. 
Let me know your thoughts below! 


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