As I was searching through the upcoming classes for my BOSS girlFRIENDS sisters (membership now open), I felt led to share another FREEBIE class to my audience. 2016 is the year of greater for my readers. I believe it. It all starts with the mind. Like I’ve stated before, I’m intentionally going to take BOSS girlFRIENDS content up a notch so of course, the rate is going up in 2016. As you can see the membership is open now until December 31st at the low rate of $12.50 (JOIN HERE). If you’re serious about growing, I’d take advantage before the rate goes up. Word to the wise. 
I’ve been sending emails about making money from your passion. If there’s one thing I’d like to you take from the upcoming courses I had lined up its:
[Tweet “Your Passion + Your Skills = Your Purpose”]
That’s really it. To figure out your purpose in life, you need to know what you’re passionate about and what skills you have. It’s not rock science. If you feel that way, you definitely need to join BOSS girlFRIENDS. My goal in life at this moment is to help people like YOU. That’s what I’m here for. That’s why you’re reading this post, that’s why you’re on this site. Don’t keep holding yourself back from living your greatest potential. If you don’t ever pay me a dime, I want you to know you can live the life you dream of by figuring out your purpose. Become a GOAL getter.
In the video below, I’m sharing how to do just that. It’s going to be an intense webinar. I’ll be answering questions throughout the class.

In this webinar we will learn how to (click to see) :

√ How to SUCCESSFULLY organize your schedule to get better control of your time and life. √ Putting a Laser Focus on your goals and figure out how to strategically jump start them. √ How to identify your biggest time gobblers and understand how to manage them. √ How to not make it happen not “Someday” – but NOW! √ How to get the ULTIMATE brainstorming, masterminding, networking support within your reach. PLEASE NOTE: This class WILL NOT be available for replay. It will only be available for BOSS girlFRIENDS sisters only!

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