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Live the life you dream of while being a lady!

“I’ve always dreamt of living a fabulously successful life.”

Don’t we all want to be successful? Isn’t that what living is all about – being fabulous and successful. was created to inspire just that. What LadySonya quickly realized is, the type of life she desired to live requires a bit of freedom. Just like any typical woman. She wanted family, success, health and wealth.
ladysonya-burgundyThe average girl next door – originally from Columbus, Georgia, attended Troy University for Music Management (trained pianist) for a little over a year until she realized I wanted more. Moved to Atlanta, Georgia and transferred to Georgia State University in 2007 and to be frank, life happened. She literally went through 7 part-time jobs in one year while being a full-time student. March 2008, She quit her part-time job at Ross Department Store and started a business teaching piano – LadySonya Music Studio.  Fast forward to 2011, she quickly grew a love for enlightening women with tips on being a lady through her own life experience. Today, she shares her experience with a chic style, living fabulously as a lady, and how she created the life she dreamt of through her passion.
She created a Youtube channel and posted a video of her natural hair journey  – the channel went VIRAL reached over 100,000 views and She began growing her following to share #TheLadyLifestyle with women all around the world. She’s posted blogs on Time Management Strategies Every Lady Should Use To Get More Done, ways to live life with elegance and you’ll also see her share her style on being casual and cute for a day out or the perfect outfit for a hot date.
Many projects coming soon.
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