5 Things to Expect from TheLadyLifestyle.com


Hi Lady Bugs,

It’s me LadySonya, the Lady behind Lady University, LLC. TheLadyLifestyle.com is a sisterhood hub for Lady University. It’s 2019 and I’m super excited about all the plans for TheLadyLifestyle.com

I’ve been graciously planning the next steps for TheLadyLifestyle.com. For those of you who are new, Lady University was founded the summer of 2012. We celebrated our official launch February 2013 with over 80,000 views on social media alone. Things took a hit in 2015, I put things on pause to create order. I’m a FULL-TIME entrepreneur. In 2008, I launched my first business, LadySonya Music Studio LLC. - a private music instruction company here in Atlanta, Georgia. I basically abandon my music business for Lady University and needed to create ways to keep that going to split my time with Lady University. In 2018, I celebrated a Decade of Sound and launch a scholarship program Music Is Giving Foundation, to give back and create a legacy. Now, I’m back and stronger than ever with Lady University.

I have some really cool projects lined up that I CAN NOT wait to share.

Here’s 5 things to expect from TheLadyLifestyle.com this year:

  1. Merchandise. The feeling I get when I wear Lady University brand is unbelievable. People are always stopping me to ask where I purchased it and what it means. I’ve decided to not only bring back the shirts but also other items! Get ready, I’m super excited.
  2. Youtube Videos. In 2012, I founded Lady University with youtube. Natural hair videos to be exact. It’s coming back. So, find TheLadyUniversity on youtube.
  3. Boss girlFRIENDSs Courses. Every BOSS needs BOSS girlFRIENDS. Boss girlFRIENDS are women who live life on their own terms. You need women to bounce ideas off of. I will be creating courses for women who would like to become BOSS girlFRIENDS and help women are are get to the next level.
  4. Blogging. I’ve thought long and hard about returning to blogging. I honestly felt people don’t read anymore. Through extensive research, I’ve found that may be a myth. I’m back with blogging. We shall see!
  5. Events. Every girl likes getting cute and attending events. Well, I’ll be creating that safe haven for all my ladies! Get on the email list. Let’s hang out and live The Lady Lifestyle!

There you have it. You’ve been with me through this entire journey, I appreciate it. Can’t wait to continue grow with you by my side!


I LOVEEE my BOSS girlFRIENDS, thanks sooooo much for riding with me! I wish you the best of the best this year in living your BEST life and living The Lady Lifestyle! 

If you're on IG, find me @iamladysonya



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