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  • 3 Ways to Building Self-Esteem in your Twenties

    Self-love, confidence, self-worth, self-esteem are core values every girl needs transitioning into womanhood. The 20th Century has sadly changed the way we view these values. People are dehumanizing the value of working on self and honestly, it needs to stop!  

  • Three Areas to Becoming A More Classy Woman

    Are you desiring to be a better version of yourself. If so, Lady University is definitely the lifestyle brand for you. Our mission to be create a lifestyle of becoming more ladylike. It's a lifetime journey that never ends. The beauty of life is living to become a better you. It starts with focus. 
  • 5 Things to Expect from

    I’ve been graciously planning the next steps for For those of you who are new, Lady University was founded the summer of 2012. We celebrated our official launch February 2013 with over 80,000 views on social media alone. Things took a hit in 2015, I put things